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We take all reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information we hold is protected against loss, and unauthorised access, use, modification or disclosure. We know you will only entrust us with the information we need if you believe that we'll do the right thing with it and treat it with care and respect. Good privacy practice is at the heart of Air New Zealand's culture.

You can contact us at any time to ask us about our privacy practices, to let us know if you're concerned about anything or make a complaint about the way we've handled your personal information. 

We have a dedicated privacy team to look after you and your personal information. You can contact us in many ways:

  1. Using our online request form
  2. Calling our customer service team on 0800 737 000 (or +64 (0)9 357 3000 if you're not in NZ).

We'll try our very best to understand and resolve your concerns. However, if you're not satisfied with the way we've handled your complaint, then you may also have the right to make a complaint to the privacy regulator - or data protection authority - in the country in which you reside. The contact details for these regulators are set out below. If the regulator you need is not listed below, then ask us and we'll help you to find them.

Tony Collins
Senior Privacy Officer


Argentine Personal Data Protection Agency
Sarmiento 1118 – 5th Floor
Autonomous City of Buenos Aires
(C1041AAX) Argentina

+54 11 4383 8512



Office of the Australian Information Commissioner
GPO Box 5218
NSW 2001

1300 363 992



Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada
30 Victoria Street
Quebec K1A 1H3



European Union

Information Commissioner’s Office
Wycliffe House
Water Lane

0303 123 1113


Hong Kong

Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data
12/F Sunlight Tower
248 Queen’s Road East
Hong Kong

2827 2827



Personal Information Protection Commission
Kasumigaseki Common Gate West Tower 32nd Floor
3-2-1, Kasumigaseki
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0013



New Zealand

Office of the Privacy Commissioner
PO Box 10-094
The Terrace
Wellington 6143
New Zealand

0800 803 909



Personal Data Protection Commission
460 Alexandra Road
#10-02 PSA Building
Singapore 119963


United States

Federal Trade Commission
600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20580
(202) 326-2222


We're always trying to learn from you, understand what you want, and improve the way we do things. We know there are some things that our customers really care about, and when we get asked a question a lot, we’ve included some additional information here.

Below are some of the frequently asked questions we get about privacy. We add to them all the time.

Remember, if you can't find what you're looking for ask us.

Privacy is about protecting your personal information from unintended use or disclosure. "Personal information" refers to any information which may be able to identify you or any other individual, such as names, data of birth, unique identifiers, passport numbers, financial information, phone numbers, email or addresses.

Privacy also considers other sensitive or special categories of personal information which may put you at risk if combined with your personal information, such as:

  • Physical or mental health
  • Race and ethnic origin
  • Religious beliefs
  • Biometric information for ID purposes
  • Genetics
  • Sex life or sexual orientation
  • Criminal information

At Air New Zealand, we understand that you own your information and have entrusted it to us. We aim to protect your privacy and manage any other sensitive information we may have very carefully. We also try to minimise our collection and limit the use of it as much as possible.

Yes, you can. The privacy laws of many countries, including New Zealand, give you the right to request access to information and / or a copy of the personal information we hold about you and we take this right very seriously. Find out how to make a request in How do I Control my Privacy?

Before we can discuss or share personal information about someone else with you, we need to make sure that you're authorised by that person to have access to the information. Where you're the person who made the booking, we'll need to make sure you are who you say you are. We'll ask you a few questions to verify this. Where you didn't make the booking, we will need to make sure you have been authorised to have access or make changes by the relevant individuals. If you want to access or change a child's booking, we will need to confirm that you are the child's parent or guardian, or have been appropriately authorised by the child's parent or guardian.

If we can't be sure that you were appropriately authorised, we won't be able to make any changes or share any information with you. We appreciate that this might be frustrating but we must respect our customers and their confidential information, and protect it from possible harm.

Yes, you can access, change or delete a child's personal information directly through logging in using the account details set up at the time you created the account for your child on Air New Zealand's website.

If you have difficulties, please contact us using our online request form or calling us on 0800 737 000. If we can't be sure you're authorised, we won't be able to make any changes or share any information with you. We appreciate that this might be frustrating but we must respect our customers and their confidential information, and we wish to protect it from possible harm.

Yes, but only when necessary and in compliance with applicable law. Sometimes the police or another government agency may ask us for personal information when they're managing an emergency, investigating an immediate threat or some other type of investigation in New Zealand or somewhere else in the world. In other cases, they may ask us for personal information as part of an ongoing investigation. If such a request is made with urgency from a law enforcement agency, then we will follow a controlled process to verify the request. However, if a request is more general, we may ask for a copy of the search warrant to ensure that the information they've asked for is lawful and necessary.

You can find out more about what information we collect, use and share in Trusting Air New Zealand with Your Data.

If you have real concerns about particular people getting access to your personal information, then you must let us know. We take reasonable precautions to make sure that people who request information are who they say they are and are properly authorised but sometimes people can be determined. If you let us know about a particular concern or risk, then we can make a note of this on our system so that our customer service representatives will know to take extra care when they receive a call from a third party.

Yes, but only when necessary. We need to share your personal information with other airlines to provide you the goods or services you requested, such as your booking and flight information for our codeshare partners.

We may also need to share sensitive or special categories information about you, such as health information or information relating to disruptive behaviour, if we believe this is necessary for safety or security purposes.

Find out more about the ways we share personal information to keep you safe in Trusting Air New Zealand with Your Data.

We like to talk to our customers, especially when we've got great ideas and deals to share. But we accept that sometimes you might not want to hear from us in that way, and we respect that choice. If you previously requested information on special offers, you can ask us not to use your personal information for marketing or promotional purposes at any time. Learn more in How do I control my privacy.

No, none of the Air New Zealand apps - Air NZ mobile app, OneSmart app, KiaOra app or grabaseat app - have access to your contacts. From time to time, these apps may need to access your location information to provide you with a service, such as confirming a booking or making sure you can order coffee in our lounges. The apps will always ask your permission before accessing your location information.

You can find out more about the personal information we collect through our websites and mobile applications in How we collect your info.

Yes, we need to monitor and record your usage of our inflight Wi-Fi so we can provision you the correct inflight Wi-Fi services you request and process any refunds that you may be entitled to. Some of the information we need to record about your inflight Wi-Fi use includes your email address, session ID and device MAC address. We may also use some cookies which we share with some of our trusted third parties so we can get a better understanding of how you use your inflight Wi-Fi service. We use this information so we can monitor and improving our inflight Wi-Fi services and show you offers we think you may be interested.

You can learn more about what information we collect and use relating to our inflight Wi-Fi services here and find out more about our Cookie Policy here.

Yes, you can object to profiling. Sometimes we perform profiling so we can understand our customers better and continually improve our goods and services. But, we understand you may not be comfortable with us doing that. If you do not want to be profiled in certain ways, or want to understand how we may be profiling you, you can ask us. Learn more in How do I Control my Privacy?

No, we won't. We treat sensitive information like health information very differently to the other personal information we collect. From time to time we need to collect information about medical conditions which may impact on services we provide or our other customers. We will only ever use this information to manage the services we provide to you, and we won't combine it with other information we might hold about you, like your website use and booking history.

You can find out more about what information we collect, use and share in Trusting Air New Zealand with Your Data.

View our privacy statement here.

We also have a number of other terms and conditions that may impact your privacy. They can be found in our legal terms and conditions page.

We take privacy extremely seriously and have a dedicated privacy team to keep your personal and sensitive information safe. We have implemented many IT measures and processes to minimise the risk of unauthorised use or disclosure of information. Our employees receive privacy training and we have built a culture of care around personal information. We also carefully assess third party's privacy risk before partnering with them and use legal contracts to ensure your information is safeguarded.

Yes, we take great care to protect your payment and credit card details and uses independently certified encryption technology when processing and storing your credit card payments. We are also PCI DSS compliant. 

Yes, we want our websites to be able to meet your needs and show you content which is relevant to you, such as special offers on flights you seem interested in. We also have some features to make your experience on our website quicker and faster, like giving you the option for our website to remember your booking details for next time in order to help save you time and hassle. We do this by using cookies and other website technologies.

More information, including how to turn these off, can found in our cookie policy.

There are several measures that you can take to protect your personal information, including:

  • Use strong passwords for all your online accounts
  • Use passwords with more than one word (i.e. not single dictionary words)
  • Use different passwords for different online accounts
  • Use long passwords (at least 10 characters, but preferably much longer)
  • Use passwords which contain a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters, for example: $ % * & etc.
  • Keep your passwords secure (never written down, or shared with anyone)
  • Change your passwords periodically

We have legal obligations to hold information securely and to use it appropriately, in accordance with our privacy statement. If you feel we have breached these obligations, please contact our Privacy Office at privacyofficer@airnz.co.nz.

Yes, we may use your information to provide personalised offers and content we believe are relevant or useful for you. These offers can be via email, direct mail, web or other electronic advertising. Offers can be for Air New Zealand, our partners or other third parties. We may use your information individually or combined with information from our trusted third parties which you authorised information sharing of.

If you are no longer interested in receiving these offers you are able to unsubscribe directly within our email communications or, if you are an Airpoints member, you can update your communication preferences upon logging into your profile.

You can find out more about what personal information we collect and how use it in Trusting Air New Zealand with Your Data.

Yes, to ensure that we can provide you with the products and services you have requested from us, we may need to disclose your personal information to trusted third parties.

These third parties include:

  • Partner airlines
  • Partner retailers
  • Service providers
  • Airport retailers
  • Government agencies
  • Law enforcement bodies
  • Your employer if you travel on a Corporate programme
  • Star Alliance
  • Airport and aviation security and management
  • Sales, market and research agencies
  • Freight companies
  • Travel agents
  • Corporate travel arrangers

You can find out more about what information we collect, use and share in Trusting Air New Zealand with Your Data.

Yes, depending on what services you request or how you interact with us or our partners will depend if and how we collect your information. We may collect your information through some of our trusted partners, such as travel agents, corporate travel arrangers, financial, business and retail partners, other airlines and alliances, freight companies, airport and aviation security and management, competitions and promotions.

We need to collect some of your information from other sources in order to process or manage your bookings, parking, shopping, communication and marketing preferences, programme and membership services, employment applications, competitions, promotions, surveys, and use of our website or apps.

To learn more what information we collect, use and share in Trusting Air New Zealand with Your Data.

We need to use your personal information for many reasons. Some of these are necessary for us to provide you the goods and services you requested from us, sometimes we need to process or share your information to fulfil our legal obligations or we have some other legitimate business need. These include:

  • Facilitating bookings you have with us
  • Checking you into your flight
  • Providing you goods you requested
  • Verifying your identity and contact details when you request information or assistance from us
  • To communicate with you, including notifying of flight delays and disruptions
  • To ensure compliance with regulations
  • To manage emergencies that may affect our customers or employees
  • To manage customer and employee safety and security
  • Understanding your preferences to provide you more relevant offers
  • Improving your online experiences and experience with Air New Zealand
  • To inform and improve our customer operations and systems
  • Administer your Airpoints and Air New Zealand memberships
  • To enable use of our mobile apps
  • For sales and market research to improve our service offerings

You can find out more what information we collect, use and share, and how we protect it, in Trusting Air New Zealand with Your Data.

Yes, this is so our team can analyse your conversations to help improve Oscar so we can provide better online experiences in the future. Conversations are also kept in case Oscar needs to refer you to one of customer service representatives so our staff can quickly understand your issue and provide further assistance, as well provide a record for assurances purposes.

We only keep your information for as long as we believe is reasonably necessary. We review our privacy policies regularly, including data retention and disposal, and deidentify and aggregate information where possible. Please contact us if you would like more information using our online request form.

Yes, we believe you have the right to ask this from us. If you would like a copy of your information we will do our best to provide it. We can only provide you the information we know you provided, which means that we may not be able to provide everything if we don't know it comes from you (e.g. some conversations with Oscar) For more information, please see our Control Privacy Statement

We may need to share your information with a number of trusted third parties, such as partner airlines, Star Alliance, government and marketing and data analysis agencies. This is mostly to facilitate your travel with us or improve our services. For more information, see our Trust privacy statement.

Oscar is hosted on several third party platforms which means your conversations will pass through a third party, although they have contractually agreed not to track or store your information. Depending on how you interacted with Oscar, your information will pass through either:

  1. Google Assistant
  2. Amazon Alexa, or
  3. Facebook Messenger

Sometimes, Oscar needs to collect personal information in order verify who you are to provide you help. This includes your name, Airpoints account number, address, data of birth, membership status, GUID, email address, username and booking details. He will request this information only if its needed. If you are signed in, Oscar will recognise your conversation is happening against your profile and will be aware of your account information even If you don’t explicitly provide it to him.

We try hard to request as little personal and sensitive information from you unless we need it, but can’t help collecting any other information you provide in the conversations you have with Oscar. We record these conversations, as well as your IP address and session ID, so we can monitor and improve our services and provide the assistance you request.

We use the conversations you have with Oscar to inform our customer operations so we can continually improve our services. Only select teams can see your conversations for a short period of time in the event that Oscar needs human assistance from our customer services represents. When sharing information internally to improve our other customer services, we deidentify conversations as much as possible to protect your privacy.